Proposal for a new EU Soil Health Law

European soils are currently under threat. With 60-70% of soil ecosystems in the EU being unhealthy and suffering from continuing degradation, a reduced provision of ecosystem services throughout the EU is being encountered.

The EU Soil Strategy for 2030 sets the vision to have all soils in healthy condition by 2050 and to make protection, sustainable use and restoration of soils the norm. It also announces that the Commission will table a new legislative proposal on soil health – Soil Health Law - providing a comprehensive legal framework for soil protection, granting it the same level of protection that exists for water, the marine environment and air in the EU.

The aim of the Soil Health Law proposal is to specify the conditions for a healthy soil, determine options for monitoring soil and lay out rules conducive to sustainable soil use and restoration.

In preparation of the Soil Health Law proposal, the European Commission is seeking the views of a wide range of economic and societal actors. All interested stakeholders, from farmers to foresters, from land planners to industry, from national governments to local authorities, from NGOs to citizens, are invited to share their views on the development of a possible EU Soil Health Law via an online public consultation that runs until October 24, 2022.