Revision of the Directive on Driving Licences

The transport sector is a major driver of climate change, both in the EU and globally. While in every other sector, the EU is showing declining carbon emissions, transport-related emissions are currently higher than in 1990. As the EU aims to shift towards becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, ambitious changes in transport are necessary.

To this effect, in 2020, the European Commission had published its Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, together with an Action Plan that should guide transport policies in Europe for the next four years. It forms the basis for how the EU transport system can successfully implement the green and digital transformation, while increasing resilience to future crises. As outlined in the European Green Deal, the result will be a 90% cut in emissions by 2050, delivered by a smart, competitive, safe, accessible and affordable transport system.

The Strategy also puts in place key milestones for all modes of transport, ensuring that the EU transport system stays on track in its development towards a smart and sustainable future. To transform the goals to reality, a total of 82 initiatives in 10 key areas for action (flagships), each with concrete measures have been identified. Particularly, Flagship 10 prioritises the enhancement of transport safety and security, while Flagship 6 aims to make connected and automated multimodal mobility a reality.

To address these flagship priorities outlined in the Strategy, the Commission will carry out the revision of the current Directive on driving licences adopted in 2006. The primary objective of the new initiative will be to improve road safety in the European Union, with a set of measures that will, among others, develop risk awareness and improve the behaviour of drivers who have committed road safety offences. The initiative will also aim to contribute to improving the free movement of people, building on technological innovation to introduce digital driving licences. Finally, the actions taken in the frame of the initiative will also aim at contributing to the reduction of gas emissions.

This consultation aims to gather experiences and opinions related to driving licences from professional and non-professional drivers of any kind of vehicles, other road users, industry, operators, associations and unions of the road sector, NGOs active in road safety, competent Member States’ authorities and any other interested stakeholders.

Those interested in partaking in this online consultation are invited to provide their input by May 20, 2022.