EXPLORE: Environment Info Seminar

10 July 2012

MEUSAC is organising an event to promote EU funding programmes related to the environment for
NGOs and businesses active in the sector as well as local councils that are interested in realising
“green” initiatives in their localities.

The info session will provide an overview of various EU programmes that can further support and
develop these initiatives. Part of the Explore series, the event will also serve as an opportunity for
participants to meet the National Contact Points and look into the possibility of EU funds fulfilling
the untapped potential of their project ideas.

Some of the relevant EU funding programmes featured during the session include:

  • LIFE+
  •  The LEADER Programme
  • The Eco-innovation Programme and Intelligent Energy Europe as part of CIP
  •  The Youth in Action Programme

The event will be held on Thursday, July 12 from 10.00hrs – 12.00hrs at BirdPark Malta,
Salini – Burmarrad.

Should you be interested in taking part, contact MEUSAC on funding.meusac@gov.mt by not later
than Wednesday, 11 July, 2012.