EXPLORE EU funding opportunities relating to social inclusion

12 December 2012

On Monday, December 10, MEUSAC organised the final in this year’s series of
funding information sessions titled: EXPLORE. This session, focussed on EU
funding opportunities for projects relating to social inclusion. For this event,
MEUSAC brought together six representatives, being either national contact points
or representatives from managing authorities on EU funding programmes.

The funding programmes covered during the session included:

  • The European Social Fund,
  • The Progress Programme,
  • The Youth In Action Programme,
  • The Lifelong Learning Programme,
  • The SOLID Funds (the European Refugee Fund, the European Return Fund
    and the European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals) and
  • The Employment in the Social Economy Programme managed by ETC.

After the presentations, participants were encouraged to take part in the brokerage
session, which gave the audience the opportunity to meet and interact with the
contact points. During this session, the participants were able to ask questions on a
particular fund, discuss project proposals and also acquire useful hints and tips
needed when applying for one of the above mentioned programmes.

This event sought to empower NGOs, local councils and other stakeholders working
in the field of social inclusion to tap into EU funding opportunities. In fact, MEUSAC
assists NGOs and local councils in the drawing up of EU funding applications so as
to facilitate the process such organisations undertake when applying for EU funds.
Since 2009, MEUSAC has assisted 143 organisations (local councils and NGOs)
that have implemented projects proposed under different funding programmes. EU
funds for these projects that have been implemented or are currently in the
implementation process amount to €18.4 million.

For more information and assistance on EU funding opportunities, one may contact
MEUSAC on 22003300 or funding.meusac@gov.mt