Freedom of Information

Description of the entity’s structure

Servizzi Ewropej f’Malta – SEM, is a government agency in terms of the Public Administration Act (Cap. 595).

SEM is led by a CEO and performs its functions through three teams: Corporate Affairs, Communications and Outreach and EU Funding.

Description of the entity’s functions and responsibilities

SEM’s mission is to be of service to citizens by keeping them updated on the EU’s strategies, policies, initiatives and obligations and engaging them to benefit from the rights and opportunities deriving from EU membership, including EU funding.

The name of the agency reflects its mission and functions, namely, to serve as a gateway to EU related services in Malta and Gozo, making it easier for citizens to reap the benefits of EU membership and EU funds.

At SEM we are committed to:

  1. KEEP YOU INFORMED about the latest developments in the EU’s strategies, policies, legislation and initiatives, including related rights, obligations, benefits and opportunities, including EU-funding opportunities.
  2. ENGAGE YOU in the EU’s initiatives and actions that affect your daily lives.
  3. SUPPORT YOU in tapping into EU-funding opportunities by informing you of such opportunities, helping those who are interested in applying for available funds and guiding successful applicants in implementing their projects.

General description of the categories of documents the entity holds

  • Financial Statements and Financial Audits
  • Financial Data and Projections
  • HR Plans and Structure
  • Documents related to Procurement
  • Photography and Videography of Events
  • Employee Files
  • Agreements and Contracts
  • Insurance Documents and Policies
  • Policy documents, consultative papers, reports, and related working documents on themes that fall within the functions of the Agency
  • Manuals of Procedures
  • Annual Reports, documents, minutes, consultative papers, reports, and working documents related to the functions of the Agency

Description of all manuals and similar types of documents which contain policies, principles, rules or guidelines in accordance with which decisions or recommendations are made in respect of members of the public (including bodies corporate and employees of the public authority in their personal capacity)

Employment Privacy Notice - describes how SEM collects and uses personal information about employees, workers, contractors and sub-contractors, during and after their working relationship with the agency, in accordance with the Data Protection Act (Chapter 586 of the Laws of Malta) and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and any regulations promulgated thereunder or amendments thereto.

Internal Brief on Access to Personal Data - outlines the internal procedures related to how staff members can access their personal data held by SEM, as the data controller. This data is stored within the personal files of each individual. Access to such files will be granted to staff members upon request.

Internal Brief on Stakeholder Personal Data – regulates the processing of data pertaining to stakeholders, interested in participating in the services offered by SEM, to respect the rights of stakeholders as data subjects, as provided through the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act.

Data Retention Policy – regulates the retention of documents held within SEM in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the Data Protection Act, the National Archives Act and in accordance with the principles of the data protection legislation, and other legal provisions in the Maltese Law. The policy regulates the retention of and disposal of the various types of documentation whether held in manual or digital filing systems. The Data Protection Officer within SEM has the responsibility to ensure that the Agency complies with this Policy. It is also the responsibility of the DPO to comply with enquiries from any local data protection or governmental authority.

Sexual Harassment Policy – stipulates the procedures that shall be adopted in cases of allegations of sexual harassment at work and in the provision of goods and services. This section is modelled on the publication by the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) on the same subject.

Quality Charter - serves to inform SEM customers of the level of service that they should expect to receive. The Charter reflects the agency’s commitment, and that of the Malta Public Service, to deliver a Service of Excellence by embracing the four Pillars of the Quality Model upon which the Public Service is based: VOICE, DESIGN, DELIVERY and ACCOUNTABILITY.

Other Documents

  • The Public Service Management Code
  • All directives issued by the Principal Permanent Secretary applicable to public agencies
  • Freedom of Information Act (Chapter 496 of the Laws of Malta)
  • The Data Protection Act (Chapter 586 of the Laws of Malta)
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679)
  • The Quality Award of the Malta Public Service
  • The Equality Mark of the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality

Statement of the information that needs to be available to members of the public who wish to obtain access to official documents from the public authority

The FOI officers of SEM may be contacted by e-mail: or by telephone: +356 2779 7300.

FOI Requests may be submitted by e-mail to through the FOI Portal via the e-ID or through the online form.

Details of Internal Complaints Procedure

An applicant whose request for information is refused, or who is otherwise not satisfied with the information provided, its format or the extension of the deadline for the submission of the notification indicating whether a request would be met or not, may address a complaint to the Public Authority.

Complaints may be submitted by e-mail to, through the FOI portal via the e-ID or through the online form.

The complaint should be addressed to the Public Authority’s FOI Officer, who shall bring the complaint to the attention of the officer responsible. The officer responsible shall reply to the applicant within 10 working days from the receipt of the complaint. The applicant shall also be informed that he or she may appeal the decision or otherwise address a complaint to the Information and Data Protection Commissioner in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (Cap. 496 of the Laws of Malta).

The officer responsible shall inform the applicant of the decision taken with respect to his or her complaint, and in the event of confirmation of a decision not to release the pertinent information, shall explain the reasons thereof. Whenever the applicant’s complaint is related to the format of the information provided or to an extension of the deadline for the submission of the notification indicating whether a request would be met or not by the Public Authority, and the original decision is upheld, the applicant shall be given an explanation as to why his or her complaint cannot be positively addressed.

An applicant may also make use of the Internal Complaints Procedure to report failure to meet deadlines or to send notifications. In those cases where the request for information can be met, but has not been met within the deadlines specified by the Act, the officer responsible shall waive any applicable fees for the submission of information.

Other Information

Office Hours

Winter: Monday to Thursday 08:30 – 16:30; Fridays 08:30 – 14:30
Summer: Monday to Friday 08:30 – 14:30

Cash payments and cheques should be made payable to the Chief Executive Officer.

Contact Details

Address: SEM, 280, Republic Street, Valletta VLT 1112

General contact number: +356 2779 7300

General e-mail address: