Long Term Action Plan for Better Implementation and Enforcement of Single Market Rules

Theme: Industry
Title: Long Term Action Plan for Better Implementation and Enforcement of Single Market Rules
Policy Reference: COM (2020) 94


This Communication stems from the Strategy for small and medium-sized enterprises. Based on the gathered evidence, it lists twenty-two horizontal actions aimed at Member States, enforcement bodies and others involved to implement and follow for a functioning Internal Market. Most of the actions consolidated earlier initiatives or instruments by updating them and boosting their readiness to the new challenges and be fit for purpose.

European Commission

The European Commission as guardian of the Treaties will closely monitor the progress by national enforcement bodies to ensure timely and effective action in full compliance with the EC legal order. In order to ensure the smooth unrolling of the listed actions there must be a close partnership approach and enhanced communication between the enforcement bodies and the European Commission. Enforcement will experience a sensible stepping-up to ensure that existing barriers are eliminated and new ones are prevented from taking shape.

European Parliament

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Council of the EU

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Negotiation Stage

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Final Adoption

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Local Implementation

The Communications list a number of cross cutting actions requiring all competent Local enforcement bodies to step-up their enforcement actions and comply with the various initiated reforms as triggered by this Communication. It’s an opportunity to enhance mutual trust between MS and the European Commission whilst at the same time taking tough decisions whilst enforcing the rules. Businesses and consumers will reap the benefits of such actions. Without such measures, the Internal Market will remain hostage of barriers that are seriously hampering the full growth potential and preventing the genuine functioning of the Internal Market.