European Climate Law

Theme: Climate Change, European Green Deal
Title: European Climate Law
Policy Reference: COM(2020) 80


The aim of the European Climate Law is to establish a framework to guide the EU and its Member States towards achieving climate neutrality by 2050.


The proposal focuses on the following:


  • An increase in the 2030 targets for greenhouse gas emission reductions. The Commission will come forward by September 2020 with an impact assessment to increase the GHG emission reduction target towards 50 or 55% compared to 1990 levels
  • A review of all policy instruments to align them with the increase in ambition for further  emission reductions by 2030.
  • Member States will also be required to develop and implement adaptation strategies to strengthen resilience and reduce vulnerability to the effects of climate change.
European Commission

The European Climate Law was proposed by the European Commission on March 4, 2020 and it forms an integral part of the European Green Deal,

European Parliament

The European Parliament adopted the text on October 8, 2020. A number of amendments were voted upon, in particular emphasising the importance of stepping up the transition towards a climate-neutral economy.

Council of the EU

During a meeting of the Environment Council configuration held on October 23 2020, ministers reached a partial general approach, noting that that the Union-wide 2050 climate-neutrality objective should be pursued by all Member States collectively.


They stressed the importance of promoting both fairness and solidarity among member states and cost-effectiveness in achieving the climate neutrality objective.

Negotiation Stage

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Final Adoption

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Local Implementation

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