Identifying and Addressing Barriers to the Single Market

Theme: Industry
Title: Identifying and Addressing Barriers to the Single Market
Policy Reference: COM(2020) 93


This Communication identifies 5 root causes contributing to existing barriers:

  • Regulatory choices at EU and national level
  • Transposition
  • Implementation and enforcement of legislation
  • Administrative capacity and practices in Member States
  • General business and consumer environment and root causes not linked public policy such as language or culture


The main aim of this Communication is to identify existing obstacles and to draw up a clear action plan which can address them accordingly.

European Commission

The European Commission used this Communication to highlight the reality and stir debate at various forums. This Communication is closely connected with Communication (COM (2020) 94) which provides an action plan composed of a number of measures to tackles the identified obstacles.

European Parliament

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Council of the EU

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Negotiation Stage

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Final Adoption

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Local Implementation

The competent entities should take note of the findings and must ensure that such barriers be tackled to facilitate the functioning of the Single market by taking steps aimed at bringing down any existing obstacles.