State of intellectual property in third countries

Theme: Trade
Title: State of intellectual property in third countries
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Protection and enforcement of intellectual property are crucial for the EU’s ability to stimulate innovation and to compete in the global economy.


Intellectual property rights (IPRs) (such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights) enable European inventors, creators and businesses to prevent unauthorised exploitation of their creations, and to receive compensation for their investment. IPRs also offer guarantees to users or consumers to identify the origin of the goods concerned.

European Commission

The European Commission launched a public consultation  in order to gather information on the state of intellectual property protection and enforcement in third countries.


The main objective of this public consultation is to identify third countries in which the state of IPR protection and enforcement gives rise to the highest level of concern and to update the list of the so called “priority countries”. The public consultation will be one of the tools used to help improve the IPR systems in third countries.

European Parliament

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Council of the EU

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Negotiation Stage

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Final Adoption

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Local Implementation

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