New Pact on Migration and Asylum

Theme: Migration
Title: New Pact on Migration and Asylum
Policy Reference: COM(2020) 609


The aim of this pact is to bring about a fresh start on migration: building confidence through more effective procedures and striking a new balance between responsibility and solidarity.


The main feature is a new mechanism for constant solidarity, which include flexible options for:

  • Relocation of recently-arrived persons
  • Return sponsorship, whereby a Member State takes over responsibility for returning a person with no right to stay on behalf of another Member State
  • Immediate operational support, longer-term support to build capacity on asylum procedures, reception of newcomers or return operations, or assistance in responding to specific migratory trends affecting Member States through cooperation with non-EU countries
European Commission

This communication was published by the European Commission on September 23, 2020. Discussions will now take place at European Parliament and Council of the EU levels.

European Parliament

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Council of the EU

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Negotiation Stage

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Final Adoption

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Local Implementation

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