Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action

Theme: Research and Innovation, Transport and Emissions
Title: Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action
Policy Reference: Regulation (EU) 2018/1999


This Regulation is part of the ‘Clean Energy for all Europeans’ package, focused on achieving the EU 2030 climate and energy targets. Through this regulation, Member States would be required to adopt their own national energy and climate plans for 2021 – 2030.

European Commission

The Proposal was issued on November 30, 2016 by the European Commission, following conclusions adopted within the Council of the EU, which identified the main components which should define this Regulation.

European Parliament

The first reading of the Proposal was carried out by the European Parliament, with a draft report being presented in May 2017. The report was endorsed on December 7, 2017 and adopted on January 12, 2018, outlining various proposed amendments.

Council of the EU

The Proposal was discussed in the Council of EU in February and June 2017. An agreement on a negotiating position was reached by the Council on December 18, 2017.

Negotiation Stage

Trilogue negotiations commenced in February 2018, and a provisional agreement was reached on June 20, 2018. It was agreed that all national energy and climate plans were to be finalised by December 31, 2019.

Final Adoption

The legislative text was formally adopted by the European Parliament on November 13, 2018 and by the Council of the EU on December 4, 2018. The Regulation came into force on December 24, 2018.

Local Implementation

The Government of Malta has finalised a draft version of its National Energy and Climate Plan. This document was opened for public consultation, with a consultation session being organised by MEUSAC on April 4, 2019. An additional consultation exercise was then organised by MEUSAC following the European Commission’s recommendations on the draft document. Malta has submitted its final National Energy and Climate Plan to the European Commission by the end of December 2019, in line with the requirements of the Governance Regulation.


Another consultation exercise was held on February 3, 2020, focusing on Research and Innovation. The draft strategy will cover the period 2021-2030, to guide the direction of Government support for R&I activities in energy and water.