Interreg Europe

Inter-regional Cooperation

During the 2021-2027 programming period, Interreg Europe will continue to support interregional cooperation among regions from all across Europe.

Interreg Europe is one of the EU's territorial cooperation programmes, helping regional and local governments across Europe to cooperate together to develop and deliver better policies.

Projects financed under Interreg Europe provide opportunities for sharing solutions and policy learning. Through such projects, regional and local public authorities across Europe can come together to share ideas and experience on public policy in practice, therefore improving strategies for their citizens and communities.

Interreg Europe supports local and regional policy in the following ways:

  • Financial support;
  • Peer learning;
  • Expert advice and skills;
  • Policy into practice – translating EU policy in tangible local/ regional policies;
  • Bottom-up policy development which is evidence-based;
  • Saving time by finding out what solutions already exist in other parts of Europe;
  • Organisational and professional development;
  • Networking with like-minded stakeholders across Europe;
  • Building an international profile;
  • Promoting citizen and community well-being.

The financing mechanism applied under Interreg Europe covers a percentage of eligible costs. The co-financing rates for participating organisations are as follows:

  • Public bodies and bodies governed by public law will be co-financed at a rate of 85%;
  • Private non-profit bodies at a rate of 75%;
  • Norwegian organisations at 50%;
  • Organisations from Switzerland need to contact the Swiss national point of contact to receive information on Swiss funding opportunities.

Interreg Europe is mainly open to local, regional and national public entities, but also entities such as research institutes and non-governmental organisations, depending on the funding strand.

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