Servizzi Ewropej f’Malta

Your gateway to EU funds in Malta

Servizzi Ewropej f’Malta – SEM, was established as an agency in terms of the Public Administration Act (Cap. 595) by Legal Notice 445 of 2020 (S.L. 595.23).

The functions of the agency reflect its mission, namely to serve as a gateway to EU funds in Malta and Gozo, making it easier for citizens and organisations to reap the benefits of EU membership through EU funds.

SEM hosts an EU-information centre – Europe Direct Valletta – supported by the European Commission to engage with citizens on EU-related topics at local and regional level, with the mission to provide EU citizens

with information about the EU, referring them to specialised information services and signposting to other services and networks.

SEM also promotes EU careers in Malta and assists those interested in pursuing a career with the EU institutions, agencies and bodies.

At SEM we are committed to inform individuals and organisations about the latest EU funding opportunities and of the benefits of EU funds to Maltese society, assist in the submission of competitive project applications, and support successful applicants in implementing their projects. 

Our Vision

Committed to make the benefits of EU funds known to the widest audience and facilitate access to EU funds to target groups.

Our Mission

Transforming people's lives by making EU funds accessible to all.

Our Values

At SEM we strive to provide professional and efficient services that make a difference in people's lives through EU funds. We are:

(a) Committed and passionate in making the process to tap into EU funding easier;

(b) Efficient and reliable when delivering our core services to clients;

(c) Proud in what we do through making things differently and better to the benefit of our clients.

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