Information Measures Common Agricultural Policy (IMCAP)

Awareness Raising on the Common Agricultural Policy

The aim of this programme is to finance projects which will inform the public about the Common Agricultural Policy and its impacts.

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is one of the key policies of the EU and is of great benefit to its citizens. The CAP plays a key role in supporting the EU’s farming sector and rural areas while also guaranteeing the production of local produce in Europe. This programme aims at addressing misperceptions and disinformation about European agriculture and the CAP using a facts based approach. This will in-turn raise public awareness on the relevance of EU support to agriculture and rural development through the CAP.

The objective of the programme is to:

  1. to explain and raise awareness on the EU support to agriculture and rural development through the CAP;
  2. to engage with farmers and other actors in rural areas, and for them to further communicate to their constituencies and the wider public about the CAP.

Activities implemented in such projects include:

  • TV features on agriculture and innovation;
  • farm visits;
  • information campaigns;
  • audiovisual and media activities;
  • apps for smartphones and tablets.

In terms of financing, this programme will provide funding to cover a percentage of the eligible costs. The co-financing rate for projects under this programme is 60%. .

Eligible applicants for calls under this programme include natural persons and private and public organisations.

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