Social Prerogative and Specific Competencies Lines Programme (SOCPL)

Social Dialogue and Labour Mobility

The Social Prerogative and Specific Competencies Lines Programme supports actions undertaken by European social partners to promote social dialogue and to agree on joint actions. This is achieved through capacity building activities and more analytical activities that will lead to the development of expertise in the field of industrial relations. The programme also supports information and training measures for workers’ organisations and transnational exchange of information and good practices in the area of social dialogue.

When it comes to the free movement of workers and coordination of social security schemes, the programme will compliment activities implemented by the European Labour Mobility. It will support the legal and technical improvements and ensure effective freedom of movement of workers. The programme will also provide analytical support on socio-economic developments in the EU, on social and labour market outcomes and development of indicators in areas such as income distribution, poverty, social mobility and social exclusion.

In terms of funding, this programme will cover a percentage of the eligible costs. The co-financing rate can go up to 90% depending on the call.

Eligible entities under this programme include public entities and social partners.

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