EU funding for research on renewable energy solutions

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The effects of climate change have increasingly come under the spotlight in recent years. The negative effects of droughts, rising sea levels and global warming on biodiversity, agriculture and human health, can be easily seen and felt.

To this end, combatting climate change through policies, legislation and funding, is a priority at European Union (EU) level.

Locally, Servizzi Ewropej f’Malta (SEM) assists non-governmental organisations, local councils and public entities to access EU funds and to implement EU funded projects. SEM is currently assisting Local Councils to apply for EU funds for research on renewable energy solutions.

Under the fourth call of the European City Facility (EUCF), local public authorities can propose sustainable energy generation investments in line with their climate and energy action plans. Successful applicants receive a lump sum grant of €60,000.

The grant cannot directly finance the actual investments, but it can be used to cover research into the proposed solutions. Such research can for example take the form of a feasibility study, risk analysis or economic and financial analysis.

Through this call, local public authorities are encouraged to explore innovative ideas to address environmental issues, primarily climate change. The ultimate objective of the EUCF is the promotion of investment projects across local public authorities in Europe.

SEM provides support to entities to identify relevant EU funding opportunities for their projects, assists in the completion of application forms and can also provide guidance during project implementation.

This holistic service encourages local entities to apply for funding and enables citizens and local organisations to reap the benefits of Malta’s EU membership.

Within the context of the EUCF, Isla Local Council successfully applied for funding in 2020 for a project involving on-site energy generation through the use of building integrated photovoltaic systems on the roofs of selected warehouses to replace asbestos roofs. The project concerned all three Cottonera localities - Isla, Birgu and Bormla.

The EUCF call takes a regional approach, meaning projects submitted by entities based in Malta will compete for funding with proposals submitted in Southern Europe as opposed to competing with projects submitted throughout Europe. The Southern Europe region encompasses Malta, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and Spain.

If awarded funding, SEM can provide guidance during the project implementation phase. After the implementation of research activities funded by the EUCF, organisations which have been awarded funding can also rely on SEM services to identify any relevant funding opportunities to bring the tested solutions to fruition.

For information about EU funding opportunities and for assistance applying for EU funds and implementing EU funded projects, please contact SEM on or by visiting our website