EU Funds for Erasmus+ Projects by Frame Football Malta

Two projects, ‘Diverse’ and ‘Determined’, were implemented by Frame Football Malta, involving some 78 young persons. The projects were implemented through the assistance of SEM for the NGO to acquire around €60,000 from Erasmus+ programme.

The projects were presented by Frame Football Malta officials to the Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Carmelo Abela and CEO of SEM, Mandy Falzon, in the presence of youths and leaders who took part in the projects. 


Project 1: Diverse

This project was held in Italy and involved the participation of 34 young persons, out of which 17 were persons with a physical disability.


The objectives of the project were:

1) To promote sport as a social learning process;

2) To promote inclusion; and

3) To provide information on employment.


Although the social background of these participants varies, they were all  interested in football.

Through the project, participants had the opportunity to meet people from another country in Europe who are also interested in football, learned to appreciate the European cultural differences, improved their thinking abilities, gained confidence, improved their skills in sport through practical sessions, learned how to play football in a mixed abilities setting, and gained a better understanding of teamwork and cooperation with others.


Project 2: Determined

The second project was held in Malta with the participation of 44 youths, out of which 10 were people with a disability. The theme of this project was inclusion through sports.


Team sports such as football enable the sharing of ideas and experiences to achieve goals. Working together as a team enables players to accept the abilities of each other and builds self-confidence of the participants especially those with disabilities.

The project helped participants with disabilities to build self-confidence by offering them the opportunity to play frame football.