Information Session on EU Career Opportunities

Session organised for final Year European Studies students

On May 22, Servizzi Ewropej f’Malta (SEM) was invited to deliver an information session at the University of Malta to a group of students currently in their final year of reading for a Bachelor in European Studies.

The aim of this session was to provide the students with an overview of the EU career opportunities they can apply for once they graduate.

The first part of the session was focused on traineeship opportunities offered by the European institutions with specific focus on the traineeships offered by the European Commission and the European Parliament. Students were also provided with guidance on the respective application procedures and some tips to keep in mind when applying.

The second part of the session was focused on looking at permanent official, contract agent and temporary staff positions. This included a brief overview of each position, including salary and grades. Considering the new EPSO competition model, students were also given an in-detail explanation of this new model and guidance on where to find support should they apply for permanent official positions in the future.